Lawn Maintenance Service Germantown TN

At Amazing Lawns we specialize in Lawn Maintenance for clients who reside in Germantown Tennessee. If you made it here, you’ve arrived at the right place. We specialize in Residential Lawn Maintenance.

Providing Exceptional Lawn Maintenance in Germantown TN

Amazing Lawns was established in 2012. Since our companies inception we have strived to be the premier Lawn Care Company that our clients recommend to their friends and family.  We specialize in residential Lawn Maintenance consisting of Weekly Lawn Mowing, Stick Edging, Weed-eating, Blowing Clippings, and then treating concrete surface cracks with a weed control product to ensure your property looks “Simply Amazing.”

As a Germantown TN Premier Lawn Care Company, we understand the soil conditions, growing patterns, and watering requirements to ensure each property is maintained to the highest standards. We service all three zip codes in Germantown to include 38139, 38138, and 38183.

In addition to our weekly Lawn Maintenance Service, we also offer additional services such as monthly Shrub Trimming, Spring and Fall  Cleanup, Mulch Installation, and Leaf Removal.

At Amazing Lawns we take our customer commitment seriously. We believe it’s through our attention to detail, consistency, and systematized service that we will truly make a difference in our community. This will come through exceptional client communication, our uniformity in appearance, customer interaction, and our Amazing Double Money Back Guarantee.

Let’s face it, if your not happy with our Lawn service you will leave and tell your friends and family. No company can thrive for very long with sub-par service.  So give us a call today at (901) 308-3662 to get your personalized free quote and see how our lawn service will make your life easier, and your Lawn more beautiful.